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So...since I am now mainly just drawing erotic stuff on DA, I knew my stuff will be deleted by staff some day...but wow, I didn't think it would be this nonsense...

So my cover art for my ero doujinshi is ok, but my kill la kill pic is banned?
Or did I have to set it so it has "sexual themes" even if it showed nothing for it to pass :/.

Speaking of which, Hong Kong is also kinda in this shitty situation where the guys who checks what goes through and what not... they also have this bullshit double standards. The details are as follows.

A picture with a spread pussy with jizz flowing out = OK
A picture with a girl in a sexy Brazil thong, revealed nothing = NOT OK

You know what is bullshit, this is pretty much it.

And oh, yea, I'm surviving, unfortunately, real world jobs, manga jobs, are actually coming in...which means eh...less freetime to just draw and post on DA.
Which I guess many already figured out.

That's it for now, C85 just over, I will upload my new cover sooner or later
Or you can just check my pixiv:25004.


yo @ Brio
Hong Kong
Still learning^^

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Hi Chaos = ) if your yahoo email still active ? I've send you an email few days ago, not sure if you still use that one or not. If not, can you pm me your new email <3
damn, I'm in hong kong right now... forgot to try to contact you. Only around for another day or two without much free time.
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NeetBoss Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I was just wondering! Would it still be possible to purchase Metal Girl Solid? I'd very very much like a copy.
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Please stop by and check out my pics and info on the 10th Anniversary Celebration in Japan this summer of 2012 for Please Teacher and Please Twins - Yes Please Teacher is 10 years old while Please Twins is 9 years old. I also have a 140 page screenplay for Season 2 of Please Twins - ever wonder what happened to Mike, Karen, and Miina's parents and why they wound up in different orphanages? All answered in my screenplay.
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